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E M A N U E L E   B U L T R I N I


Guitar player, composer, songwriter, singer, teacher.

Since many years he's been a member of FONDERIA, with which he produced four records (“Fonderia”, 2002; “re>>enter”, 2006; “My Grandmother’s Space Suit”, 2010; "Dinamo", 2023) and soundtracks for short films, theatre plays and TV.

In parallel, he's in cinematic prog-funk band LA BATTERIA, that released the albums "La Batteria" (Penny Records/Goodfellas, 2015), "Fegatelli" (2016), "Tossico Amore" (Penny Records/Goodfellas, 2016), "La Batteria II" (Penny Records/Goodfellas, 2019), "Notes In The Dark" (Deneb/Flipper Music 2020), and the soundtracks of the movies "Tafanos/Killer Mosquitos" (SKY, 2018) and "Kill me if you can", by Alex Infascelli (Fremantle/RAI Cinema, 2022). In 2017 they played in the TV show “L’importante è avere un piano” with pianist Stefano Bollani, and in 2019/20 they toured with Kaos One & DJ Craim.
Since 2012 he's been playing in world-music project ORCHESTRA DI PIAZZA VITTORIO, performing in the 2012-2022 tours, in the shows "The Magic Flute", "Il giro del mondo in 80 minuti", "Carmen", "Don Giovanni" and in Pakistani TV show Coke Studio Season 6, featuring also in the film "Il flauto magico di Piazza Vittorio" (2019), awarded with David di Donatello for best soundtrack.

He's also in gipsy-jazz-punk trio TROIS SATYRES, and he carries out a solo songwriting project and the pop duo 2 ON THE MOON.

Further, he performs live soundtracks for silent movies, alone or in groups, for which he got the awards Strade Del Cinema 2003 and Rimusicazioni 2001 (with Fonderia).

Previously he was in the bands Projecto Heleda (tango-jazz), Atto Terzo (funk-rock), Antilla (folk-rock). He has worked and played with Avion Travel, Rodolfo Maltese, Mauro Pagani, Mario Martone, Paola Pitagora, Gabriele Salvatores, Angela Baraldi, Michele Placido, Alessandro Haber, Orquestra Todos, Ginevra Di Marco, Francesco Magnelli, Petra Magoni, Stefano Bollani, Mama Marjas, Colle Der Fomento, Kaos & DJ Craim, Andrea Ra, Evandro Dos Reis, Alessandro Orlando Graziano, Barbara Eramo, Kutso, Stefano Saletti.

He played hundreds of live acts across Italy, France, Belgium, UK, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Bahrein, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Albania, Romania, Bosnia, Malta, Ethiopia.

From 2009 to 2022 he was a teacher in ARPA music school in Rome, teaching guitar, pop-rock music classes and workshops on guitar effects.




La Batteria - "Kill Me If You Can - Original Soundtrack" (Penny Records/Goodfellas, 2023)

Fonderia - "Dinamo" (Biz, 2023)

La Batteria - "Notes in the dark" (Flipper Music / Deneb, 2020)

La Batteria - "La Batteria II" (Penny Records/Goodfellas, 2019)

La Batteria - "Tossico Amore" (Penny Records/Goodfellas, 2016)

La Batteria - "Fegatelli" (2016)

La Batteria - "La Batteria" (Penny Records, 2015)

Fonderia - "My grandmother’s Space Suit" (Biz/BTF/BS, 2010)
Fonderia - "Re>>enter" (VMS/BTF, 2006)
Fonderia - "Notes on frame" (Strade del Cinema, 2003)
Fonderia - "Fonderia" (Biz - BTF, 2002)


Rekombinant - “A bridge between us” (SubExotic, 2023)

Alessandro Orlando Graziano - "Scontate libertà occidentali" (2021)

Avion Travel - "Privé" (Warner, 2018)
Ebbanesis - "Serenvivity" (Vagabundos, 2018)

Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio – “L’isola di legno” (PMrecords, 2013)

Orquestra Todos – “Intendente” (APC, 2012)
Projecto Heleda - "Roma - New York - Baires" (Club Records, 2005)

Slowmotion - “Summer of my youth” (Disasters by Choice/ WIDE, 2004)


> as composer / musician:

La Batteria - Kill me if you can (Fremantle / RAI Cinema, 2022)

La Batteria - Tafanos / Killer Mosquitos (Minerva / SKY, 2018)

> as musician:

El Paraiso (Groenlandia, 2023)

Las Leonas (Sacher Film, 2022)

La mia ombra è tua (Fandango, 2022)

Bangla - la serie (Fandango / RAI Fiction, 2022)

Luna Park (Fandango / Netflix, 2021)
Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio - Il Flauto Magico di Piazza Vittorio (Paco, 2019)

Bangla (Fandango, 2019)

Finché giudice non ci separi (Minerva Pictures, 2018)

Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio – Pitza e datteri (Bolero Film, 2015)

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Photo by Daniele Mannozzi

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