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Born more than twenty years ago, Fonderia is an instrumental project mixing rock, funk, psichedelia, jazz and electro. The band released the three albums  “Fonderia” (Biz/BTF 2002), “re>>enter” (VMS/BTF 2006) and “My Grandmother’s Space Suit” (Biz/BTF/BS 2010), produced with Marco Migliari in Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios (UK). 

These records received several awards (Darwin Award 2004, Toast/MEI Award 2006) and enthusiastic feedback by radios and magazines worldwide. Further, Fonderia was awarded for performances of live music on silent movies in international festivals (Strade del Cinema 2003, Rimusicazioni 2001). The band also  received prizes for videoclips “Piazza Vittorio” (Capalbio Cinema 2005) and “Loaded Gun” (Italian Video Award 2010, Festival Roma Videoclip 2010).

Emanuele Bultrini - electric and acoustic guitar, live electronics

Stefano Vicarelli - piano, Rhodes, synth

Paolo Pecorelli - electric bass, live electronics

Federico Nespola - drums


Following the footsteps of Italian soundtracks and library music from the '70s, La Batteria is a quartet that produces original music inspired by the experimental sound of composers such as Morricone, Cipriani, Alessandroni, Nicolai and Trovajoli. The band's debut album was released by Penny Records in January 2015, while in 2016 La Batteria released "Fegatelli", a compilation of unreleased tracks and remixes, and "Tossico Amore", the remake of the soundtrack of Italian cult movie "Amore Tossico" (1983).
In April 2019 the band released a new album, "La Batteria II", a double LP that goes beyond the original cinematic inspiration, including different sounds such as dance, hard rock, funk, psichedelia and electronics.

Emanuele Bultrini - electric and nylon string guitar

Stefano Vicarelli - piano, Rhodes, Hammond, clavinet, synth

Paolo Pecorelli - electric bass

David Nerattini - drums


Trois Satyres is an acoustic trio born in 2009 that developed an original sound which is a mixture of gypsy jazz, klezmer, swing, film music and hard rock, that is: Django Reinhardt meets Led Zeppelin.

The band plays original compositions, standards, traditionals and soundtrack themes. Further, the trio composed and played music for some silent movies by Charlie Chaplin.


Emanuele Bultrini – acoustic guitar

Lorenzo Mazzoni – acoustic guitar, banjo
Claudio Mosconi  – double bass


2 On The Moon is a project focused on '80s synth pop songs, arranged in an acoustic folk style.


Emanuele Bultrini – vocals, acoustic guitar

Marco Ammar – vocals, acoustic guitar


Photo by Francesco Sciolti


Emanuele has always been a singer/songwriter, previously in Atto Terzo (with Andrea Ra) and later on with the band Antilla.

Recently he's been carrying on a solo songwriting project, in acoustic arrangements.

silent movies

For several years Emanuele has been working on live music for silent movies, as a soloist or in different bands. These performances took place, among the others, in Académie de France in Rome and in international festival Strade del Cinema, receiving several awards.


  • Emanuele Bultrini solo – “Le Dernier Voyage”, Italian documentaries 1904-1912, Académie de France, Villa Medici, Rome 2012.

  • Emanuele Bultrini solo –  “Lulù”; “Il sogno e la guerra di Momi”; “Le spectre rouge” by Segundo De Chomon, Académie de France, Villa Medici, Rome 2010 / Brancaleone, Rome 2011 / Kino, Rome 2011.

  • with Fonderia – “My Wife’s Relations” by Buster Keaton, first prize at Festival Strade del Cinema, Aosta 2003; “Charcuterie mecanique” by  Lumiere, best music award at Festival Rimusicazioni, Bolzano 2001; “The Property Man” by Charlie Chaplin, Strade del Cinema, Aosta 2011.

  • with Trois Satyres – “Easy Street” and “The immigrant” by Charlie Chaplin, Ombre Rosse/Teatro San Genesio, Rome 2011-2012.

  • Emanuele Bultrini - Lorenzo Mazzoni – “High and dizzy” and “I do” by Harold Lloyd, Ombre Rosse, Rome 2011.

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